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We are a locally owned and operated company that has been servicing the Okanagan Valley for the past 9 years. Attention to detail, unique creative design and exceptional rapport with our clients from plan to finish has earned Pro Set Enterprises a reputation for excellence in the valley. We offer no-commitment, free estimates and are dedicated to the involvement not only our clients, but each party involved - every step of the way - to ensure your dream home is built just as you always imagined. 


About Us

Joel Dohms, Owner


Why did I get into the business? 


I was lucky enough to have a father who builds square timber log homes, and I really enjoyed learning from and working wth him when I was younger. I realized as a teenager, helping him complete these homes, that I wanted to follow in his footsteps within the same industry for my own career path.



What are my goals with each project?


For myself and my entire team, the end-goal is to provide prestine quality while meeting or exceeding each clients expectations, without comprimising 1% in either facet. When we lay out a project schedule prior to commencing on site, we always take the extra time to lay out any possible complications and safety hazards in order to tackle the issue before it arises so we can keep a clean, safe site and meet our deadlines on time. It's important for me to ensure 100% client satisfaction with our finished product. My drive is built on bringing each and every clients visions to life. I am humbled by the opportunity to take a base idea for my clients dream home and help them to achieve it, "making their dreams a reality". 

Pro Set Enterpries Logo


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